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Manson x Sustainiac Guitar Upgrade Kit, Humbucker Driver, Black PF-1

The stadium tone of a generation…

Do you want controllable infinite sustained hard hitting tone? Then you need a Manson x Sustainiac Guitar Upgrade Kit! The Manson x Sustainiac Guitar Upgrade Kit includes the Manson x Sustainiac Stealth PRO Kit and a Manson PF-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Humbucker Bridge Pickup, everything you need to get close to the legendary tone of the MUSE frontman. 

Supplied with a black humbucker sized pickup ring mounted driver and a black covered Manson etch PF-1. 


  • Infinite like sustain and feedback type sounds from the Sustainiac Stealth PRO

  • Bright and hot, hard hitting tone from the PF-1

  • On/Off and Mode select (Fundamental/Mix/Harmonic) on Manson Custom AUX Board

  • Black humbucker sized pickup ring mounted Driver 

  • Sustainiac Stealth PRO Powered by 9V battery (not included)

Requires in-depth installation and routing of your guitar. MGW recommends that the Sustainiac System is installed by a trained, experienced luthier.

Please note that the Sustainiac Stealth PRO System is not suitable for T-Style guitars with single-coil pickups due to the distance between the slanted bridge pickup and neck pickup. 

If you are after a different Sustainiac Stealth PRO System not listed on our website, or have any questions, please contact [email protected].