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Manson x Sustainiac Stealth PRO Kit Humbucker Driver

Available for the first time…  The Manson x Sustainiac Stealth PRO Kit

Do you want controllable infinite sustained tone? Then you need a Manson x Sustainiac Stealth PRO! 

The Manson x Sustainiac Stealth PRO comprises a Driver, Electronics Board and Manson Custom AUX Board. The Driver replaces your neck pickup, and in conjuncture with your passive bridge pickup and the Main Electronics Board, produces infinite like sustain and feedback type sounds. When not in use the Sustainiac Driver functions as an active neck, single coil pickup. The Manson Custom AUX (auxiliary) Board holds the Sustainiac Stealth PRO System control switches and connects to the Main Electronics Board via a pre-made wiring harness. Using an AUX Board reduces installation time and greatly reduces the chance of uncontrollable oscillation in the guitar signal due to crosstalk, and saves vital space within your guitar’s control cavity. The Manson AUX Board is 46mm wide x 35mm tall and requires 35mm cavity depth. It has two toggle switches, one 2-Way for ON/OFF and a 3-Way for Sustainiac Mode (Harmonic/Mix/Fundamental). The two toggle switches are spaced 25.4mm apart.

The Sustainiac Stealth PRO System is powered by a 9V battery (not included). 

Drivers are available in black, humbucker sized pickup ring mounted or single-coil sized direct (into the body) mounted. 

Manson x Sustainiac Stealth PRO Kit suitable for passive bridge humbuckers only.

Kits are supplied with an open stereo Switchcraft jack.

The Sustainiac System utilised by Manson Guitar Works for all Manson, and Matthew Bellamy, guitars. 


  • Infinite like sustain and feedback type sounds

  • On/Off and Mode select (Fundamental/Mix/Harmonic) on Manson Custom AUX Board

  • Black Driver

  • Humbucker sized pickup ring mounted Driver or Single-Coil sized direct mounted Driver

  • Electronics Board suitable for bridge humbuckers and bridge single-coils

  • Powered by 9V battery (not included)

Requires in-depth installation and routing of your guitar. MGW recommends that the Sustainiac System is installed by a trained, experienced luthier.

Please note that the Sustainiac Stealth PRO System is not suitable for T-Style guitars with single-coil pickups due to the distance between the slanted bridge pickup and neck pickup. 

If you are after a different Sustainiac Stealth PRO System not listed on our website, or have any questions, please contact [email protected].