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The M-Series now in EVO and Classic variations, offers a genuine Manson product at a great price. Fully UK designed, and assembled here at our UK workshop

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Check out our new ORYX range

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A Manson Guitar Works range of instruments produced in close collaboration with the artist.

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Bass Series

Manson Guitar Works' range of Bass Guitar models.

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Meta Series

The META Series is our lower price point instrument that delivers a whole new playing and ownership experience for the Manson Guitar Works player. Produced under licence, it has been extensively modified and developed to reflect more closely the guitars that Matthew Bellamy plays on stage with MUSE.

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Limited Edition

Unique. Different. Stylish. Manson Limited Edition guitars feature finishes, woods, and hardware, not normally found in our M-Series guitars.

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If you would like to order a manson guitar, you can do so directly from this website.
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