Introducing ORYX™ Manson Guitars Extreme Tone Generator. 

Manson Guitar Works in conjunction with Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood are proud to announce the ORYX™ range of Manson Guitars, a collaboration to create the most detailed and hard-hitting tone machines with a playability that is second to none and a voice that sits perfectly in the various technical rock genres of today.

When the time was right for Manson Guitars to create its first 24 fret hard rock inspired instrument, the luthier team knew such an ultimate tone machine could not emerge through adapting one of our existing designs. To compete and succeed in the arena of a constantly shifting style that can include rock, hard rock, metal, math-rock - often grouped under the progressive rock banner - the team needed an all-new blueprint that was artist-led and then designed by the guitar company that is world renown for its forward thinking and unique guitar creations.

The result is the ORYX™ guitar, designed and developed in conjunction with Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood, recognised and respected as a hugely talented technical guitar and bass player in the progressive metal genres. With a quest for unique tones that demands extensive knowledge, Nolly’s reputation as a player in Periphery, matched by his skills as a producer and tone seeker made him the perfect ambassador for ORYX™. Rather than create a single Artist model, Nolly worked with the Manson team to produce a range of instruments, featuring his personal specification version of the ORYX™ in 6- and 7-string formats.

The first Launch Edition ORYX™ is a fully UK built guitar from Manson Guitar Works in Ashburton. The specification has come through tireless testing, extensive evaluation and late night brainstorming to produce an instrument that met the high expectations of all the parties. The striking and ultra comfortable body design is like no previous Manson Guitar and balances perfectly on a strap. Available in satin black (Dry Satin Black) and satin metallic green (NRG) finishes, the lightweight 2-piece alder body resonates with a balanced frequency response that works equally well for hard-core riffing or sleek solo work. Tone-Pros Bridges provide solid stability on both 6- and 7-string versions, whilst through-body stringing gives excellent tension and feel. 

The sleek, flat, U profile maple neck supports an incredibly strong and stiff Richlite fingerboard with 24 Jescar stainless steel frets. Adjustment is by a double action stainless steel USA made truss rod system. Gotoh 510 MG-T Locking tuners give excellent stability with 18:1 ratio for precision tuning. Standard or drop tuning, the ORYX™ neck is designed to take it all in its stride.


The ORYX™ design and effortless playability required a tonal palette that left no stone unturned. The ORYX™ Launch edition is available in “NG” specifications: NG spec kits out the ORYX™ with the critically acclaimed Bare Knuckle Polymath pickup set, a medium output set jointly designed by Tim Mills of Bare Knuckle Pickups and Nolly with a focus on mid clarity and delivering “classic cleans with brutal chug”. NG spec also includes a 220pf tone cap and 100k resistor in parallel on the volume, Nolly’s preferred treble bleed spec.

All ORYX™ models feature a brand new Manson/Freeway designed 6-way pickup selector blade switch that offers a simple but effective movement with three ‘wired in series’ positions and then, with a simple sideways nudge, gives three ‘wired in parallel’ options for a total of 6 instant recall pickup settings.

The Launch edition ORYX™ will be available for pre-order from 25th January 2022 in Dry Satin Black or Metallic Green Satin in both 6- and 7-string     versions.


ORYX™ 6-string £2899 inc VAT

ORYX™ 7-string £2999 inc VAT