New Signature MB-2 and DL-2 Releases

Manson Guitar Works are pleased to announce a Limited Edition run of Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitars with a simultaneous release of both MB and DL versions of the Muse frontman’s unique instrument designs.

The 2022 MB-2 features the original MB-1 Matt Black finish, Manson MIDI screen, Sustainiac Sustainer system and in-house designed twin P-90 hand-wound “bridge” pickups. This unique pickup set-up - the DB-90 combo - can operate as an individual pickup or combine together to give a P-90 “humbucker” type design that delivers huge tone, with a P-90 bite or supercharged in power by the activation of a push pull pot. First seen on Bellamy’s stage guitars in conjunction with his first use of the Manson MIDI controller, the layout was replicated in a limited SE run in 2012 featuring exclusive extras and just 18 pieces worldwide.

The tone palette is further expanded with a single coil size Sustainiac Sustainer driver that operates either as a detailed, full range, active neck pickup or when activated to the internal Sustainer electronics becomes a driver to deliver note sustain that lasts as long as the player demands. With the DB-90/Sustainiac set-up, the player has multiple tonal options. But sonic exploration is further expanded by the inclusion of the Manson MIDI Controller. Hooked up to a Digitech Whammy or Korg Kaoss pad, replicating Bellamy’s unique stage tones is merely a screen movement away. 

Add in a hand signed certificate, UK produced Manson Hiscox Hardcase and you have a tour ready guitar that’s been proven on the road and in the studio.  Two 20 piece production runs are planned, the first featuring full custom necks. Priced from £4299 inc VAT.


The new for 2022 DL-2 is our latest full UK production MB with a core of sonic mayhem inspired by the ultra-limited Manson DL-OR DeLorean replica guitar. With the DL-OR selling out in a matter of hours, the Manson team set to answer the request for the tonal creativity of the DL-OR but without the extreme aluminium construction and additional, collectable extras of that model. The DL-2 is that guitar and with a price of £3999 aims to reach more players wanting the DL custom experience, made in the UK but at a lower price point than the “OR” series. The solid alder body is finished in a satin DL Silver finish and features the same pickups and electronics of the DL-OR; Manson hand-wound DB-90 neck pickup, Mother Superior multi rail bridge humbucker, Z-Vex USA custom Manson Fuzz Factory circuit, MXR Phase 90 circuit and dual or quad rail push pull pot. The neck spec is direct from the DL-OR Relic and features the original fretwire size and alternate side dot  placement that featured on the original Delorean guitar. Birds-eye figuring completes the high level neck specification. With hard case and hand signed certificate included, the DL-2 is priced at £3999 inc VAT and is limited to just of two runs 10 pieces.