New Website!

New Website!
Welcome to our new website! You’ll discover plenty of exciting new product across its pages and in the coming months and we will be sharing more regularly our latest news and developments, so make sure you stop by often.
Our thoughts have been with our customers, artists, supporters and the wider community during these most exceptional times. Knowing first hand how music has helped so many of you through this difficult year we shall keep doing what we do best; building high quality, inspiring instruments for all players to create music on. We hope for all of you to keep safe and be well.
We have already released our new MA Winter Limited Edition run, the MA EVO Red Santa Limited Edition. It celebrates one of our most iconic guitar finishes with its metallic Holosparkle Red gloss paint finish as first seen on Matthew Bellamy’s custom Manson instruments. Those personal instruments of Matthew carried several fan nicknames such the Glitterati, and the Manson Santa, which is the title introduced for this limited run. 
Every Red Santa Ltd comes with the coil tap option as standard and MIDI versions have a new, high-polish aluminium surround. Our first run actually sold out in the first day of release, but we do have a second shipment arriving before December. We recommend heading to the MA guitar section and keeping an eye out on our social media pages if you missed the first run of guitars. As well as availability here we have been busy building our dealer stock, so you will also find our dealers stocking these dazzling instruments.
As well as glittery guitars we have made sure we cater for each Manson Guitar fan and will be introducing lots of merchandise in the coming weeks. We are pretty excited about our new murph…I mean new merch apparel. We think you’ll like it too. Then there’s an expansion of the Bluebell strap into our standard and premium lines and some very cool new leather key fobs with dual Manson plectrums sat within its shape. All handmade in Devon too.
Despite the testing circumstances of 2020 the team here haven’t been resting on their laurels. We will have much news to share in the coming months. There’ll be the completion of the 10th Anniversary MA run, an all new guitar in 2021 and new artist news where Manson guitars find themselves deep in recording studios around the globe churning out riff after riff in the pursuit of tonal nirvana. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Keep safe, play music and share it with others when you can.