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Manson Premium Leather Guitar Strap Holosparkle

The Manson Premium Leather Strap takes our Deluxe strap to 11! Featuring black leather with a holo Manson logo, 4.5mm hand treated textured leather with a purple suede underside, and purple stitching. The suede underside gives maximum comfort for those long jam sessions and ensures that your guitar stays where it should while playing. The flexible leather allows the strap to gradually mould to the shape of your shoulder, providing even greater comfort. Fully adjustable.

  • Black textured 4.5mm gauge hand finished leather
  • Purple suede underside
  • Purple stitching
  • Holo Manson Guitar Works logo
  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable length: 120cm (47”) – 143cm (56.5”)