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Manson Premium Instrument Cable

For the tonal purists among you…

Our Premium Cable raises your tonal game. Built from no compromise audiophile components to ensure signal purity and the resilience to survive life on the road or in the studio.


Featuring 20 AWG Oxygen Free Copper (OFHC) for better signal transparency, a OFHC Shield for greater Radio Frequency protection and microphonic noise prevention, G&H jacks with gold plating for increased signal transfer, 4% Silver Solder and low capacitance of 23 pF/ft to maximise signal flow, and a larger outer diameter PVC jacket for extended durability.


The result? A cable that you can plug in with full creative confidence, your tone is protected and your signal is pure. Perfect for on the stage or in the studio. 

The quintessential accessory for your Manson Guitar.



  • 20 AWG OFHC Cable
  • OFHC Shield
  • G&H Jacks
  • 4% Silver Solder
  • Low Capacitance of 23 pF per foot
  • Available in three different jack configurations
  • Available in 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft lengths
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Cable Brand Manson