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Manson Mother Superior Multi Rail Humbucker

Our aim with the Mother Superior was simple. Create the most outrageous quad rail pickup with full switching options but at no point hold back on providing the best quality components, and designing an assembly that matches the diabolic behaviour of this monster pickup. Ceramic magnets, 20k output and blade style rails reflect the huge bottom-end, gnarling mids and grunt as you'd expect, but the dual bobbin assemblies allow endless switching opportunities. Our favourite is a simple push/pull to dial in either one, or both humbucking coils. Singly isolated, One humbucking becomes perfect for rock, classic rock, blues or early metal. Snap in the second bucker and your tone goes into thrash, doom and de-tune insanity. Brighter sounding amp stacks will sound pure and fat, low-gain will become high gain, output will be consistently driving. 

Available uncovered only.

Massive 20k Output (Both Humbuckers)

Hot 10k Output (Single Humbucker)

Ceramic magnets