Do you ship to the EU?

Created by Destination Destination Jan 06, 2021 09:57:14 AM Published in Shipping 1386 Views.
Manson Guitar Works do indeed ship to the EU. However, as of 01 January 2021, instead of paying any tax at point of purchase, VAT will be paid at the point of arrival of the goods into your country. The rate of VAT that you will pay will be that of your country which can usually be found on your governments website. As well as VAT you may be charged duty. We cannot be specific on what the Duty you will be charged, but as an example the Duty on an Electric Guitar is 3.7%. For EU orders we use the courier DHL. When your order has been dispatched and arrives in your country a DHL representative will contact you for payment of the VAT and Duty due on your order. DHL pay for these on your behalf so that you receive your order quickly and efficiently. Please note that due to this there will be an admin fee from DHL. For more information about ordering from the EU please contact [email protected]