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Manson DR-1 Drone Guitar Live

2016 will see the arrival of the Manson DR-1, the guitar inspired by Matthew Bellamy during the making of the album Drones. Manson Guitar Works received several design images from the Muse frontman and had the job of converting various colour codes, typefaces and specifications into an instrument that could sit between the new Cort/MBC-1 and the full UK-built limited release MB-1.

Approved and signed off for release earlier this year, the prototype production version has now joined the extensive number of instruments used for the Drones World Tour complete with serial number #00, custom carve MB profile neck, Sustainiac Sustainer system and new PF-1 custom wind bridge pickup.

The first 99 instruments will be available as special 'Numbers' Editions; each instrument will be individually numbered and will come with a printed Certificate of Authenticity, Hiscox Hard case and MBK spec bridge pickup. Options will be available for customising and modification various elements of the guitar. The first shipment due summer 2016 is already pre-sold. A limited number of instruments are available for our second shipment due at the end of 2016.



Photograph by Jolyon Holroyd