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Manson PF-1 Humbucker Neck Pickup

The PF-1 is our founding design to provide specific tones for an early Manson project guitar, later revealed as the pickup for the Matthew Bellamy DR-1 Drone Guitar. Tone requirements were for a full but clear overdrive that veered towards the garage and industrial side of the tonal spectrum rather than the softer or highly saturated overdrive sound. As such it retains clarity and a bright top end together with a full low-end.It's punchy and powerful, ranking amongst our high output models. Loaded with an Alnico V magnet, 15.1k on the bridge version and 12.2k on the calibrated neck model. Balanced highs, punchy mids and rich, yet tight bass response the PF-1 works well in a wide range of musical styles where fatter output is required. Ideal for Rock/Alt Metal/Punk.

Available in open coil or covered versions .
Neck 12.2k , Alnico 5 Magnet