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Manson Custom Hardware Set Aluminium Knurled Shaft

Add an extra element of uniqueness to your guitar with our UK-made solid aluminium Custom Hardware Set. More than just a striking visual feature, these have superior grip with the knurled sides. Our first custom machineheads and buttons featured on a Manson bass guitar way back in the early 90s and we've tweaked the design since to provide a secure fixing, easy grip knurled pattern and lightweight design. Finished in Raw Aluminium.

The Control Knobs feature a 6mm hole for all standard Japanese and US knurled shaft pots. 

Our new 6mm knobs feature a brass collar for better grip to the knurled shaft. 

The Machine Heads are designed to fit the Cort Locking Tuners found on MBM guitars.

Suitable for all Meta Series Guitars (MBM).