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Upgrade With Z-Vex Fuzz Factory Install MBC

Upgrade With Z-Vex Fuzz Factory Install MBCUpgrade With Z-Vex Fuzz Factory Install MBC

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Manson Custom USA Z-Vex Fuzz Factory Upgrade

Product Detail

Genuine USA Z-Vex Fuzz Factory Installation utilising our own joint Z-Vex/Manson custom board, on/off switch with Stab and Comp controls mounted at the front of the guitar, the remainder adjustable through trim pots at the rear.

Manson's have spent over a decade refining their custom Z-Vex installation which is authorised by Z-Vex in the USA. Internal installation allows the player to control the pedal dynamics by adjustment of the surface mounted controls with the scope for full parameter control by tweaking trim pots accessible at the rear of the guitar.