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Upgrade with Sustainiac Pro Sustainer

Upgrade with Sustainiac Pro SustainerUpgrade with Sustainiac Pro Sustainer

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Add infinite sustained tone to your MBC-1!

Product Detail

Add infinite sustained tone to your MBC-1! The MBC-1 guitar can be equipped with the USA made Sustainiac Sustainer System that replaces the neck pickup with a special sustainer unit incorporating a single coil regular pickup. Using the Sustainiac sustainer pickup and the bridge pickup as the driver unit opens up a world of possibilities. The sustainer unit has an on/off toggle and a mode switch allowing sustain of the pickup in regular, special 'Mix' or harmonic mode. How does it do this? Combining the neck "Driver" unit, the circuit board and bridge pickup the sustainer projects magnetic pulses which continuously vibrate the string giving infinite like sustain, feedback type sounds and with a little ingenuity, the ability to mimic string and violin type sounds and swells. It gives the user controlled harmonic feedback at any level. The price for this option includes the unit and full fitting plus an additional battery compartment located to the rear of the guitar for easy battery changes.

When not in use the Sustainiac neck pickup functions as a regular neck single coil pickup.


USA Made

On/Off Selector

Mode Selector Offering Standard, Harmonic or Mix Modes

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