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Upgrade With Custom Hardware Machineheads MBC-1

Upgrade With Custom Hardware Machineheads MBC-1Upgrade With Custom Hardware Machineheads MBC-1

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  • Custom Hardware MBC-1 – £99.00
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  • Custom Hardware MBC-1 Black – £109.00
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Solid Aluminium, UK made, Manson design custom machineheads.

Product Detail

Add an extra element of uniqueness to your MBC-1 guitar with our UK-made solid aluminium machinehead buttons. More than just a striking visual feature, these allow the user to regularly place their instrument in and out of our gig bag or case with a much reduced chance of the machinehead being knocked out of tune. Our first custom machineheads featured on a Manson bass guitar in the early 90s and we've tweaked the design since to provide a secure fixing, easy grip knurled pattern and lightweight design. These items are model MBC-1 specific, as all our custom machineheads are, every fit having been tested on every Manson model. Our product is UK made from the finest materials on production lines that serve Formula 1 and Aerospace industries. Even the fixing screws are from the best quality Netherlands supplied fastner company. Supplied installed on your guitar when ordered with an instrument or available as self install for exisitng MBC-1 owners.

The machineheads are also available for M-Series, Full Custom, Classic Series, Works Series, Signature MB or DL instrument under seperate links.