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Upgrade with Coil Tap Conversion

Upgrade with Coil Tap ConversionUpgrade with Coil Tap Conversion
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Add an extra tonal dimension to your Manson Guitar with our coil tap option.

Product Detail

Four-conductor pickup wiring is accessible via a push-pull pot to give single coil clarity or full humbucker operation. Available on Seymour Duncan P-Rails, Manson MBK-2, Manson MBK-3 and Manson Cort MBC-1 pickups.

Our coil tap option allows an alternative pickup sound simply by pulling up one of your existing potentiometers. The installation gives the option of a single coil (pot pulled up) or full humbucker (pot pushed down) operation. The push-pull pot option neatly disguises the fact you have this tonal flexibility and eliminates the need for extra switches cluttering up the guitar.


  • Push Pull Potentiomer
  • Allows humbucker pickups to function as a single coil
  • In down position= Full humbucker
  • In up position= Single Coil
  • Can be fitted to volume knob or tone knob - Please specify