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The Benchmark Humbucker

The Benchmark Humbucker
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Available Options

  • Benchmark Neck Pickup – £129.00
    Stock available

  • Benchmark Bridge Pickup – £129.00
    Stock available

  • Benchmark Bridge Chrome Etched – £149.00
    Stock available

  • Benchmark Neck Chrome – £139.00
    Stock available

  • Benchmark Bridge Chrome – £139.00
    Stock available

  • Benchmark Bridge Black Etched – £159.00
    Stock available

from £129.00

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The Benchmark is our hot-rodded PAF which you'll find in our Signature MD series guitars. warm vinatge tone but with plenty of added bite and drive whne required.

Product Detail

When you want a pickup that can deliver all the great classic tones but with some extra edge and just a little attitude then the Benchmark will hit the spot. An Alnico V magnet delivers vintage tone in spades but has an ace up its sleeve when you want to push a little harder. The 8.5k output is just enough to find extra grind for rockers that like to play just a little dirtier than their pure vintage counterparts, yet it's still mild enough to respond beautifully to a pulled back volume or moving from fingers to a pick. The classic ‘bucker that everyone knows, but this one goes to eleven! A calibrated neck version forms the perfect blues/rock combo or twin it with a British Rail T for a custom T experience bar none. Available in open coil or covered versions and vintage 2 braid or modern 4 conductor options.


Bridge 8.5K Alnico V

Neck 8k Alnico II

Classic feel PAF Humbucker