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Manson MBK-90S Pickup Set

Manson MBK-90S Pickup SetManson MBK-90S Pickup Set

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  • MBK-90S Pickup Set - Black Covers – £175.00
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  • MBK-90S Pickup Set - Chrome Covers (Shown) – £185.00
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Manson Pickups are designed and made in the UK. Our MBK series were initially designed to complement our MB signature guitars but you'll also find them in our new MA series guitars or as upgrades in a multitude of popular guitars.

Product Detail

The Manson MBK-90S Set is a twin P-90 design sold only as a matched pair. Exclusively designed and made in the UK by our long standing pickup partner, Bare Knuckle, this custom design features as standard in our MB-2 SE guitar. The requirements for this particular pair of pickups was to work in conjunction with the Fernandes 401 or Sustainiac Pro sustainer outfit, requiring careful matching of output, tone and magnetic pull to create the final product. The MBK-90S works superbly as one large 'humbucker' when paired together in a close route at the bridge.

Available in black or chrome covered options