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Manson MBK-3 Pickup

Manson MBK-3 PickupManson MBK-3 Pickup

Available Options

  • Bridge Position (Etched Logo) – £135.00
    Contact us for availability

  • Neck Position (No Logo) – £130.00
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  • Neck And Bridge Combo – £255.00
    Stock available

  • 7-String Neck Position Black – £139.00
    Stock available

  • 7-String Neck Chrome – £139.00
    Stock available

  • 7-String Bridge Position Black (Etched Logo) – £149.00
    Stock available

  • 7-String Bridge Chrome (Etched Logo) – £149.00
    Stock available

  • 7-String Neck/Bridge Combo – £265.00
    Stock available

  • 6-String Bridge Black Etch – £135.00
    Stock available

from £130.00

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Manson Pickups are designed and made in the UK. Our MBK series were initially designed to complement our MB signature guitars but you'll also find them in our new MA series guitars or as upgrades in a multitude of popular guitars. The MBK-3 was our first pickup designed without any defined instrument in mind but to give all our guitars an extra edge in drive and attitude.

Product Detail

The Manson MBK-3 is another collaboration between Manson Guitars and Bare Knuckle Pickups, this time with the focus being on creating a pickup that rules in the heavier styles with a hi-gain crunch that's known in the industry as the 'djent' sound. What is djent? It's the sound of a guitar, medium to hi-gain output being played in a hard hitting rhythm style that repeatedly dead mutes the strings as if being played through a noise gate. It requires tight dynamics, seriously controllable gain (i.e. big on numbers but still with great tone and resistant to any squeal or unwanted noise). The MBK-3 went through our usual vigorous test and prototype stages - as a standard fit in our custom instruments, as a retrofit into a range of other instruments and as a partner to it's own neck soulmate, the MBK-3N and our other pickups in particular, the MBK-1 for an ultra wide tonal spectrum between neck and bridge pickups.


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