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Manson Gig Bag Electric Guitar

Manson Gig Bag Electric GuitarManson Gig Bag Electric Guitar
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Manson Gig Bags are designed in house, not off-the-shelf items, which is why each bag puts protection and functionality first. Adorned with an embroidered Manson logo and a deep front pocket for additional accessory storage, the Manson gig bag is devoid of fussy pockets and attachments but offers value for money protection.

Product Detail

Our deluxe electric guitar gig bags come with every MA series guitar model as standard and are designed to be robust and hard wearing. Also fits the Cort/Manson MBC-1 and E-series instruments.


  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • High grade durable zips
  • Front pocket with accessory pouch
  • Leather handle
  • Embroidered Manson Logo
  • Extra thick padding

Offers the best protection for your instrument before a hard case.