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Custom Machinehead Buttons

Custom Machinehead Buttons

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  • Custom Hardware Fitted – £119.00
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  • Custom Hardware Self Install – £99.00
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Solid Aluminium Custom Machinehead Buttons

Product Detail

 Add an extra element of uniqueness to your MA or Manson Custom guitar with our UK-made solid aluminium machinehead buttons. More than just a striking visual feature, these allow the user to regularly place their instrument in and out of our gig bag or case with a much reduced chance of the machinehead being knocked out of tune. Our first custom machineheads featured on a Manson bass guitar way back in the early 90s and we've tweaked the design since to provide a secure fixing, easy grip knurled pattern and lightweight design.

The machineheads are available as Works fittted to any M-Series, Full Custom, Classic Series, Works Series, Signature MB or DL instrument (option MGW CSTHW).