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Cort Modshop M-Jet SUFU

Cort Modshop M-Jet SUFU
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  • Cort Modshop M-Jet SUFU - thumb_9DBC043E-06C3-ECB2-16F0090753BD29D4.jpg
  • Cort Modshop M-Jet SUFU - thumb_9E13FB65-BE2E-113A-A0F3986CB40302EF.jpg

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All of the favourite features of the award winning Manson Designed Cort M-Jet with additional Mojo in the form of a built in Z-Vex Fuzz Factory Circuit and a Sustainiac Pro Sustainer in the neck position.

Product Detail

 Cort/Manson MA designed

Popular Manson MA body shape 

24 fret bolt-on neck

 Striking intricate fretboard inlays. 

Dry Satin Black finish
Built In Sustainiac Pro Sustainer
Built In Fuzz Factory Circuit