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Cort Classic TC Mod Shop

Cort Classic TC Mod Shop
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  • Cort Classic TC Ice Blue Mod Shop – £649.00
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  • Cort Classic TC Scotch Blond Mod Shop – £649.00
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Manson Luthiers have taken a Factory Spec Cort Classic T and added some carefully thought out Upgrades to improve all aspects of the guitar's playability and sound.

Product Detail

The Hugely Popular Manson designed Cort Classic TC

Upgraded with a Set of Bare Knuckle Pickups 'True Grit' Tele Set Pickups

Upgraded with Graph Tech Balanced Locking machine Heads

Upgraded with Bourns Potentiometers

Upgraded with Orange Drop Capacitors

Upgraded with Pure Tone Jack Socket


The Manson Luthiers have thought carefully about the most cost effective ways to up spec this classic design.

Pickups replaced by a warm and full vintage voiced Bare Knuckle 'True Grit' Tele Set

to maximise the rich range of tones that the body and neck are capable of.

Multi Geared, and balanced  locking Machine Heads with faster more accurate stable tuning and ultra smooth response from Graph Tech Ratio Precision.

Bourn Potentiometers for a Pro Tonal and Volume sweep with increased reliability and longevity.

Orange Drop Capacitors and Pure Tone Jack Socket for no compromise performance and reliability.