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New Limited Edition MA Metallic Bluebell

Manson Guitar Works are proud to announce a limited production MA finished in an all new colour: Metallic Bluebell. This high gloss finish is not only stunning in both natural and stage lighting but it marks several notable landmarks for the company. The MA EVO BB is the first instrument released under the new ownership status of Manson Guitar Works, the instrument having been approved by co-owner Matthew Bellamy, who performs with a collection of identical coloured instruments for his performances with MUSE.

Secondly, the production processes involved in building this model now allows MGW to officially label the guitar “Made in Great Britain”. Pickups, custom controls, all electrical circuits, wiring, assembly and set-up take place at our Ashburton factory in Devon. We are always clear in our production sources and continue to have European CNC’d woodwork for the MA Series but have recently removed many outsourced processes and components back into our Ashburton factory or exclusively made components to our specification.

Manson MA EVO BB Limited Run Specification

Metallic Bluebell High Gloss Finish

Pyschopaf PF-1 Pickups

New Custom Spec CTS Push/Pull Potentiometer

Manson MOJO (Series/Parallel Switching)

All model options offered EVO, EVO Sustainiac, EVO Fuzz Factory EVO-T and EVO-S

New Optional Manson Hiscox Hardcase

Prices from £1599 inc VAT

Guitars on sale now.