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NAMM 2017 Manson Guitar Works Releases

Cort/Manson MS “Stage Series” Guitars - New Models and Configurations 2017

Manson Guitar Works are pleased to announce two new Cort/Manson MA designs from a new series of guitars called the Stage Series. The Stage Series “M-Jet” shares the stylish and popular Manson MA body shape while moving into fresh territory with a 24 fret bolt-on neck, all-new design twin humbucker high output pickups and striking intricate fretboard inlays. Offered in our popular Dry Satin Black finish, the guitar will be available in global markets from April/May 2017.

The Cort/Manson designed Classic TC fuses elements of Manson Guitars from the past with the full body contoured MA shape, combining the perfect balance of playability and classic design. A new pickup set has been developed exclusively for this model with a versatile tonal range to cover any genre.

Available in a translucent Scotch Blonde Natural or solid colour Blue Ice Metallic. Full details will be available during the 2017 NAMM show with delivery to world markets from April/May 2017.

UK Retail Price £469 including VAT.
for more information contact sales@mansonguitarworks.com