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Manson MA 25th Anniversary Models

Manson Guitar Works is pleased to announce the first round of 25th Anniversary Edition Guitars celebrating Manson’s Guitar Shop 1992-2017 trading years. Based upon the award winning and critically acclaimed MA EVO series the instruments feature specifications never seen on the production MA series before.

Most obvious is the striking Holosparkle finish that shimmers and diffuses a stream of reflective colours whether viewed in natural light or even more strikingly under stage lights during performance. Previously only a full works colour option, we are delighted to offer it on our Anniversary Edition throughout 2017.

Dig a little deeper and you will find detail that delights under closer scrutiny. The new 25th Anniversary neckplate design has not seen on any Manson guitar before and is exclusive to the Anniversary series. Not only is the design new but the material is too - ultra light Titanium - produced by KTS in Japan to Manson specs and weighing in at an astonishing 36 grams.

On 25th Anniversary EVO-S models there are specially commissioned, Manson engraved Titanium saddles to give both custom shop looks with incredible sonic and durability advantages of the Titanium product such as increased sustain, clearer note separation, improved harmonic response and less string breakage.

The 25th Anniversary EVO-T models, featuring the top spec German manufactured Floyd Rose tremolo also feature Titanium benefits such as increased harmonics, lighter weight and more treble response but with it’s power hidden away replacing the original brass tremolo block with a UK produced Manson’s own design.

For our customers that want to specify their 25th Anniversary instruments to its lightest weight and top spec components there is the option to add unique Manson engraved Titanium Custom Hardware control knobs for Volume, Tone and Fuzz Factory options.

With visuals, components and playability all highly specced for the 2017 Anniversary models, the celebration deserved an equally special pickup set to accompany the range. Built by Pyschopaf® pickups in the UK and completely hand wound and specced to Manson Guitar Works requirements humbucker duties are taken care of with the PF-1, an Alnico equipped high output ‘bucker that delivers plenty of bite, top-end plus a vintage warmth to deliver classic crunch or full power raw edge. It’s the stock choice for MA-25, 25-S and 25-F models. Utilising the properties of the Titanium tremolo block in the MA-25T and recognising that it might just find more use in the more extreme rock and metal arena the 25T employs the Mother Superior humbucker, a monster of a multi-rail dual humbucker sound pickup. The unique twin volume layout allows the user to employ a single rail humbucker and then progressively introduce the second rail for all out high gain madness. Select the coil tap or MOJO option and your pickup library is even greater. Standard on the MA-25T, it can also be specified on any of our other Anniversary guitars; if you are brave enough…

The neck pickup also gets the Anniversary treatment with a single coil size rout that features internally the construction of a P-90 style pickup. This is Psychopaf®’s Dismissal pickup. This ceramic equipped option delivers bigger and bolder tones so it can match the style and output of the new bridge pickups. It doesn’t have the physical size of a P-90 but delivers 100% the fatness we want from a neck pickup.

The following models released are available for purchase now with build times of between 4-6 weeks.


MA-25T will follow shortly...