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Manson/Cort Drones World Tour Edition

When the Manson Guitar Works Licensed Cort MBC-1 was launched in 2014 it immediately received critical acclaim and won several awards including Guitarist Magazine MIA Electric Guitar of The Year Award in 2015, Premier Guitar Premier Gear Award and even a choice instrument for accompanying Guitar World’s Playboy Playmates Buyers Guide! The following year, the Red Sparkle (RS) and Left Hand versions were released which increased the appeal of the guitar even further.

One variation many are not aware of is an official (i.e. Matthew Bellamy and Manson Guitar Works Ltd recognised) run of MBC-1s which were never made available to the general public and were offered only to members of the MUSE Drone’s tour crew and management. Based upon the standard Matt Black MBC-1, each instrument featured the Drones World Tour logo painted on the front and a stickered list of all relevant tour dates on the rear of the guitar. Each one was then hand signed by all three members of MUSE and dispatched around the world to the lucky recipients. Approximately 80 were produced in total.

Unavailable to the public, we are happy to share some images of the guitar. Very occasionally instruments appear on the market, usually gifts from Muse, sold to support various charities.