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John Paul Jones E-Bass 2021 Release

JPJ E-Bass 2021 Release

John Paul Jones Signature Bass Update with Manson Guitar Works

Manson Guitar Works, in collaboration with John Paul Jones, are delighted to announce updated specs for the John Paul Jones Signature bass, the flagship E-Bass model.

The biggest change in the 2021 edition is the adoption of USA Aguilar pickups and circuits. Featuring twin DCB humbuckers equipped with dual ceramic magnets and 42 gauge Formvar wire, the pickups feed into Aguilar’s legendary OPB-2 preamp (offering +/-18dB of boost and cut at 40Hz and +/- 16dB of treble boost and cut at 6.5 kHz) giving clean headroom, improved dynamics and a uniform magnetic field across the whole tonal spectrum.

The combined effect of this upgrade now gives the John Paul Jones signature E-Bass all of the headroom and adjustability expected, together with additional harmonic balance and extra growl.

As well as electronics upgrades, the John Paul Jones Signature E-Bass is now available with a 'Luthiers Choice' maple top option; a striking figured piece of wood that has more depth and intensity over the standard figuring. A new Satin Black Transparent finish, producing not only boutique style looks but also a different feel from the neck and body compared to the gloss Vintage Sunburst finish, is also new to the line.

President of Aguilar Pickups Dave Boonshoft commented on the winning combination.

“Satisfying a legendary musician like John Paul Jones requires a bass that brings both the thunder and the character of a great musical instrument. Adrian and his crew at Manson are doing just that, and we’re super excited that MGW and John Paul Jones have chosen Aguilar pickups and preamps for their new line of basses.”

Beyond the specs lives a bass ready for concert, session or studio work; the final word belongs to John Paul Jones, after months of in depth testing in all the above arenas;

“I’m very happy with my new Aguilar pickups, they give me the power that I want and the definition and warmth that I need."