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Q. What is the difference between an MA-1 and an MA-2?

Whether in our Classic or EVO variation, the MA-1 spec guitar is equipped with USA Seymour Duncan pickups plus standard potentiometers and capacitors. Our MA-2 version has more options and utilizes custom Manson design pickups from UK manufacturer Bare Knuckle - the MBK-1, MBK-2 or MBK-3 (see pickup FAQs for explanations of these models). Other MA-2 variations may contain boutique pickups such as T.V. Jones.

As well as an upgraded pickup we also add high quality CTS potentiometers and Orange Drop Capacitors on the MA-2 with all wiring an installation carried out in our UK workshop. There are no other differences between the models.

Q. What is the difference between the MBK-1, MBK-2 or MBK-3 pickups?

The MBK-1 is a P-90 pickup design in a humbucker housing. The bridge and neck versions utilise different winds and magnets to give an exacting tone. We describe them as follows:

MBK-1 Fully custom specced for Manson Guitar Works as a matching pair for classic P-90 vibes but added attitude. Extract all the classic P-90 tones that are so perfect for blues, jazz and country but still push any decent amp hard enough to move into a rock, punk or alternate/prog vibe.

Our MBK-2 model is a bridge position humbucker. Developed over time and working closely with artists such as Matthew Bellamy as well as a long development time with Hugh Manson and Bare Knuckle’s Tim Mills this is a custom design like no other.

If you like bridge pickup energy then our MBK-2 is the answer. The high output MBK-2 full humbucker model is often fitted in our Custom and MB Signature Guitar models. Full range with plenty of top-end and raw mids. The higher gain works well with all styles but moves comfortable into high energy music with the ability to roll off the volume and clean things up!

Note our MBK-2 set comprises the MBK-2 bridge pickup and MBK-1 neck pickup combination.

The MBK-3 is our tighter sounding pickup combination, ideal for modern sounds yet designed to stay clean when required or to give a great overdrive sound in the neck position as well a s the bridge. Like our MBK-1 set, each pickup has carefully specced windings and magnets to give the sound we were looking for.

MBK-3 No time for Jazz or Blues? Know that djent isn’t a misspelling? Then our full blown MBK-3 set will appeal. If Drop Tuning, and hard-core metal riffing feature in your sound then the MBK-3 set will tighten up your low-end but maintain the rich, open and harmonic tones of classic passive pickups. Like to tread your own path? Our MBK-3 bridge plus MBK-1 neck gives a versatile guitar brimming with attitude or whispering sweet tones at your call.

All bridge pickups feature the Manson logo etch. Neck pickups have no logo.


Q. How do I purchase an MB-1/DL-1 or other Matthew Bellamy Signature Model?

Production of these UK made models supply is provided on a strict first come first served basis whereby short production runs are released to customers who have supplied their contact details for us to notify them of the model release AND then provide us with a £1000 deposit. If we release 25 guitars then the first 25 deposits received get the guitars with the balance being paid upon completion of the instrument. At present all  guitars are sold out however we will be offering instruments although please note that demand currently outstrips supply so there is NEVER any free stock and the previous allocation will be taken by customers who have registered their details.

Here’s how it works. If you wish to purchase a future production run MB signature model, provide your e-mail and other contact details. Make sure they are correct and up-to-date. You can contact us at any time if your details have been changed and need updating. Please contact our works facility for correspondence sales@mansonguitarworks.com

Do not wait for a run to be announced and then ask to join the wait list – it will be too late. Upon fulfillment of our current MB production runs, we will return to earlier wait lists and continue from there if we could not fulfill all orders on that list.

When a new production run is authorised, we will e-mail, in the order that we received the mails, details of the proposed run. The first 25 replies wanting the guitar are allocated a piece with a maximum of a week to forward a £1000 deposit. Any deposits failing to arrive in that time may result in the guitar being offered to the next person in the list. The balance is payable on completion, which usually takes anywhere between 8-12 months.

Why are the guitars limited?

All current MB-1 and DL-1 instruments are made in the UK at the Manson Guitar Works facility employing the finest components sourced from the UK, the US and Japan. Each guitar also comes with a hand signed certificate from Matt Bellamy and Hugh Manson. We cannot produce them any faster without altering this spec and Matt wishes for these guitars to remain very limited. Occasionally we release more than 25 instruments.

Do I pay a deposit now?

No. At this stage you only request to be notified of the opportunity to purchase an MB-1. The e-mail does not guarantee a guitar and nor do we ask for any money. Offering to send a deposit or pay in full does not accelerate your way up the list!

If I get an MB-1 can I have a chrome finish/tremolo etc. added?.

Sadly we cannot offer a full custom service on these models otherwise the lead time would run into years! We do offer some factory options however and these are outlined in the e-mail when it is sent.

I can’t wait that long/I don’t have £3000 to get a Manson what other choices do I have?

We cannot and will not replicate the shape of the MB-1 or DL-1 into any other custom guitar. We can offer either a full custom bespoke service or our MA Series as alternatives if you want either custom spec or faster production. MA prices start from £999 and you’ll find examples here on our website.

Q. When Is The Cort/Manson MBC-1 Due?

Update report 29th June 2015

A huge thank-you to all our customers around the world that have placed orders for the Cort/Manson MBC-1. Demand for this new product has been very high and currently the number of orders we have placed with the factory means that each delivery received is pre-sold. we do however have scheduled shipments placed every month. The quickest way to receive your Cort MBC-1 with Manson Guitar Works is to use our £100 deposit system. This places you in a line based upon the date of deposit received to receive a guitar when a new delivery arrives.

The £100 deposit is taken from the final price so the balance to pay when the guitar arrives is £399.

Upgrades and customisations. Options for upgrades to the MBC-1 are now on our website:


Select Upgrades & Recommended Accessories tab

If you have already pre-ordered an upgrade or extra and wish to add to your order this can still be done until the instruments arrive. In order to avoid shipping costs please select the “click and collect” option at checkout when adding extras. If for any reason additional shipping costs are incurred that would not normally be charged, we will happily refund them or add extra product for you. Please note that modified guitars with Sustainers and/or Fuzz Factories take extra time to produce and standard instruments will ship faster. 

Manson Guitar Works treat every single order as a custom order and demand for these instruments has been very high, so please bear with us as we process every order on your behalf.