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Manson MB-2 SE Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar

Manson MB-2 SE Matthew Bellamy Signature GuitarManson MB-2 SE Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar
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  • Manson MB-2 SE Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar - thumb_F9B0A8B3-94C5-02B5-4266709AC783FFFF.png

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Manson Guitar Works are pleased to announce the release of the Manson MB-2 SE Matthew Bellamy Signature guitar. Based upon the original custom Manson made for Bellamy in 2006, the MB-2 SE is a limited edition guitar built as part of Manson's 20th Anniversary celebrations. Please note this edition is sold out.

Product Detail

 The Manson MB-2 SE is an ultra exclusive edition that replicates the Manson custom made for Matthew Bellamy in 2006 as featured in the 'Invincible' video and for the recording of 'Uprising'. Featuring a brand new pickup set, the MBK-2:90, designed to work as either a single coil or expanded humbucker set and tweaked to specifically work with the Fernandes FSK 401 sustainer the MB-2 SE offers an alternative expression of the popular MB-1 guitar.

The first  custom Manson built for Matthew Bellamy to feature the X/Y MIDI screen, the MB-2 SE features the same screen as used on Bellamy's stage guitars and allows unlimited effects control and response. It is fitted as standard on the MB-2 SE.

Being a special edition, the MB-2 SE will come with lots of extra features. Screen surrounds are CNC precision cut raw aluminium. Cases will be tour ready full flight and contain additional extras such as a custom strap and lots of other goodies that won't be available elsewhere.

Each instrument is hand assembled in the Guitar Works new facility incorporating the finest components available sourcing only from the UK, US and Japan. Each instrument will come with an individually signed (not printed) certificate from Matthew Bellamy and Hugh Manson making this special instrument both a players dream and a truly highly desireable guitar.

The guitar is released as part of Manson's 20th anniversary celebrations and to recognise the success of the MB series since the release in 2009. A limited number will be released at Mansons Guitar Show 2012 on a first come first served basis, with a small reservation for existing and future MB-1 owners subject to availability.


The current MB-1 model will continue in production subject to its current wait list.